Palabras para Elizabeth Schön / Elizabeth Araujo

Words for Elizabeth Schön

Last night, the kingdom of poetry lost one of its most welcoming voices: Elizabeth Schön, who maintained an intimate connection with nature and lucidly molded that fascination in literature. She died at her home, where she has lived with her verses for many years, in such a way that her friends, when we visited her, felt the bustle of words wandering throughout the house.

Awarded the Premio Nacional de Literatura (1994) and the author of over twenty works of theater and poetry, Elizabeth Schön sang to human virtues and suffering. The confrontation between existence and essence was the permanent sign of her poetics.

“Few know
that it’s precisely me
the word
the one who unites outlines
and leads to the center
of the unnamable…”

It’s true all men die and unfortunately that includes poets, but the atmosphere that Elizabeth Schön’s verses leave behind in this imperfect Caracas compensates for the pain of her departure, because more than anyone else, as Yolanda Pantin wrote, she “has certainly provided us a lesson by offering her life to the talent that was given to her.”

{ Elizabeth Araujo, TalCual, 17 May 2007 }

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