"Awareness of Auden."

Realizing these posted translations don't fit exactly into the screen and thus poems get re-arranged, stanza-wise, into new (wrong?) shapes. This month, English writer Edward Upward , the last surviving member of the Auden/Isherwood circle, turns 100!

"On this same journey I discovered in the gossip column of a newspaper I had with me the words 'Awareness of Auden.' This was all the columnist said about him, and it pleased him all the more for being ambiguous. 'Do you think it means that Auden has awareness,' he asked me, 'or that people are becoming aware of Auden?' 'It means both,' I suggested."

"I did not and do not know why he removed the dedication, but I have supposed that his later revulsion against the left-wing political sympathies he had shown in the 1930s made him wish to dissociate himself from those former friends of his who, like myself, remained politically left-wing. We never met or corresponded again after he went to live in the USA."

{Edward Upward, Remembering the Earlier Auden, 1998}

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