A big thank you to Chris for offering me a space at texfiles for audblogging my poem "Caurimare" tonight. That noise at the beginning of part IV is the T going by my apartment (it shakes the whole floor).

If the internet existed in the 1930s, would Benjamin have composed the Arcades Project on a blog?

More fragments found:

"...the Cadillac of winter"
{Stephen Malkmus, Pig Lib, 2003}

"No devoraras mas tiza en Trinidad o Maturin."
{Juan Sanchez Pelaez}

"Por que no llegas, fabula insomne?"
{Juan Sanchez Pelaez}

After reading Shin Yu Pai and Aaron Tieger's posts on The Smiths, I'm thinking of Morrisey's songs that helped me survive teen years:

"And so I checked all the registered, historical facts
And I was shocked into shame to discover
How I'm the 18th pale descendant
of some old queen or other
O has the world changed or have I changed?
O has the world changed or have I changed?"
{The Smiths, The Queen Is Dead, 1986}

"La escritura

de hoy


la escritura

de manana.

Todo texto

es profetico."
{Heriberto Yepez}

"Did education mean an addiction to history on a linear, one-track plane of which none was aware?"
{Wilson Harris, The Mask of the Beggar, 2003}

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