"the walls are jagged and expanding
but you are there to feed them air"
(Stephen Malkmus)

could have been a mis-translation
a wrong word to start the rhythm
what lower frequencies
inhabited city/forestry
how influential was Florida
on his imagery, the sound
of his stanzas--

up the stairs to the writing
as one allows a river's current
to make the glow a standing

Cafe Tacuba's EP Vale Callampa
my traffic in musical antecedents
the "green room" of thought
written 10 years ago
I've served a long apprenticeship
to nothingness, the value of loss
a distance in the defeat of modernism
while the poet reads, a torrential
rain outside yesterday's green shirt

how was it? was a drift of cities
I slept in Clearwater, Tampa,
Caurimare, El Hatillo in Caracas,
Rio Chico in Barlovento, Ybor City /

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