what does tone do?
slow hair growth
dissolution silence
such very trite words
such very triste words
I always have wanted
apocalypse for the
effort to dissolve my
deluded anger

why SHOULD the line be stranger?
that was one's ancient feeling
now I must discard your
grace, this (pattern) glow
I drove across Caracas at night
drunk for pleasure's street
found Las Mercedes a canopy
watched my deserved city
wanted always to look at books
wanted maybe sadness to still
be there for show or to work
as a cashier at the bookstore
wanted fluidity of boxes full
of poetry worn by the ship's
financial team--this is read
in a very desolate place
whose airs discomfort /

I often sound the worst
this reflected our future's
growth alongside weep vibrations
didn't mean any line's
approach to memory ruin
found floating--a cloud watcher
but what will they say?

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