"In the future! In the future!"

Funny moment earlier today laughing at myself. Reading Laurable, I came across her link to Steve Evan's recent summary of blogworld, which includes: "Venepoetics continues with the case against Chavez."

Moment of clarity where I can already see myself as a very old man, continuing with the "case against Chavez" long after anyone has stopped listening. A good reminder for me of the danger of focusing too much on one idea. And what a horrible idea to expend my brain on.


My friend Juan Cruz (poet and musician), who's gonna be touring with Yusef Lateef starting in January, always hates saying the word "Jazz", since it has been so overused. So, whenever we talk about his playing he calls the music "J-A-Z-Z" in order to emphasize the irrelevance of the term. Whenever he mentions the word, I often mistake it for the rapper Jay-Z.

Juan's gig playing with Lateef (starting in January) will take him to Japan, Brazil, Italy, France and parts of the East and West coasts (USA). Juan can also write one hell of a "P-O-E-M." So, Juan, either start a blog or send me some more "P-O-E-T-R-Y" to post here.


In the near future, tonight, Eileen is reading in Brooklyn w/ Barry Schwabsky. Wish I could go.

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