not much time to post, less read
enjoyed saying hello to Eileen at AAWW this afternoon
hearing her & Arthur Sze's discussion on poetry
New York skyline as seen from New Jersey from across
the Hudson is as though in August, short-sleeves
here in Bergenline Ave. Saturday noise

translation below is muddled, from misunderstandings
misreadings of mine, while only having read Rojas Guardia
in fragments, never a complete collection

haunt bookstores or find cds to listen to in the car
cassette Boston through Merritt's tree tunnel, read
essay on "Translation as Mother Tongue" by H. Yepez
in Chain 9: "Text, Lies, and Role-Playing (Translation as
Mother Tongue)" summer 2002

think to Juan E. Cruz's poem "Maya Linda Apart (ments)",
the mother saying "our whole lives have been a translation"
as curse? or natural displacement of sounds
across a geography, arrayed

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