Reader III

"House made of dawn." I used to tell him about those old ways, the stories and the sings, Beautyway and Night Chant. I sang some of those things, and I told him what they meant, what I thought they were about. We would get drunk, both of us, then he would want me to sing like that. Well, we were up there on the hill last night, and we could hear the drums and the flute away off, and it was dark and cool and peaceful. I told him about the plan we had, and we were getting pretty drunk, and I started to sing all by myself. The others were singing, too, but it was the wrong kind of thing, and I wanted to pray.
{N. Scott Momaday, House Made of Dawn, p. 129}


Jean Grae's EP The Bootleg of the Bootleg EP (New York: Babygrande Records, 2003)


H. Yepez:

"technically speaking, we lost vision"


Margarita Valencia:

"Mis ojos no creen tanto infinito."


Dolores Dorantes:

"El mal del siglo es esa febril necesidad por ser escuchado..."


"JUAN JULIAN: I discovered books one summer. My father owed a lot of money to a creditor and we had to close ourselves up in our house and hide for a while. For my family, keeping up appearances was important. We had to pretend that we had gone away on a trip. We told neighbors that my mother was ill and she had to recuperate somehwere else. We stayed in that closed-up house for more than two months, while my father worked abroad. I remember it was hot and all the windows were kept closed. The heat was unbearable. The maid was the only one who went out to buy groceries. And while being closed up in our own home my mother read books to the family. And that's when I became a listener and I learned to appreciate stories and the sound of words."
{Nilo Cruz, Anna In the Topics, Theater Communication Group, 2003}

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