Two Venezuelan Poets

"Y uno no olvida estar triste"
{Patricia Guzman, Canto de oficio, 1997}

Representing a contemporary generation of Venezuelan poets, Patricia Guzman and Jacqueline Goldberg have published masterful collections of poetry in recent years. Guzman's chapbook La boda (Casa Nacional de las Letras Andres Bello, 2001) and Goldberg's Vispera (Editorial Pequena Venecia, 2000). They work with minimalist forms, discarding titles beyond the collection's. Their work is often amplified through the city's speech. Exile forms, or, that traveller's rendition.


Possible titles for a Caracas poem:

Hotel Monserrat
Plaza Francia
Driving Through Los Palos Grandes to Photograph el Edificio Atlantic
The Doctors
Alo, Bolivar


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