Textos del desalojo / Antonia Palacios

Antonia Palacios (1915-2001) Textos del desalojo (Monte Avila Editores, 1974)


Homeless Texts (selections)

I don't subvert myself in my long repose. I don't break the lair that hides me. I don't want the days to warm my face. I don't pine for the angel of lost vision. I don't pray to the gods that sustain my speech. I don't want the spaces and the fixed rooftops, nor the vast lodgings full of signals. I don't want to see where my highest memory sits.

At the beginning we were many. We were dispersed, hoping to touch and hear one another. The place was vast and we barely managed a slight caress, a brief closeness. Some escaped. Others started to ignore the elements, they started to change their customs, silently hesitating, blind and breathless. Afterwards we were so few, barely two or three, trembling and very close. In the end just one. One so alone. And the broken wait began to extend itself above the desert.

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