To not write for the sake of filling the days. The name dissolves but reappears next year. The fragments unify themselves, at a price. This state is a flat stretch of constancy, choose sleep over sun. Reached el final w/out words.

Despues de todo, the notebook tends to speak to itself. If any readers exist, they are from "the future." But that assumption is not based on anything save ego. The dream involved a coastline, a few steps away from a party, cocktail chatter to one side, the flat grey Gulf on the other.

One should have a project, beside sleep. Write commentary on Los detectives salvajes. After Vallejo, Palacios, Uslar Pietri, Sarduy, Bryce Echenique, etc. Paris as a location lives mainly on aura. It is today (and may have been then) just another city. I enjoy reading it but Tampa is more to my measure. Que locura.

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