What are the signs we come across as warnings or blessings? It could be birds sighted among trees in Clearwater, Florida, a band of wild parrots crossing above the street at sunset. Or broken beer bottles near my car in the snow of Allston. Symbols that recur, in variations across the maps of decades or cities.

A "political" focus acquires too many unresolvable tensions. Granted, they already exist and thrive regardless of our despair. And to write is to repair, to build a single object, or series of objects. It's also a fictional house, built from years of sleep and silence. Maybe it's a polemical medium, or the ghost from the machine, a discourse on colonialism, a notebook of a return to the native land.

What have you learned from vision's requirements? That nothingness exists y te puedes encontrar con ella en cualquier día. One sign of its grace is driving in the back of a jeep up Monte Avila on a Sunday morning towards Galipan, stopping at a cross roads next to a stone chapel shrine with flowers and candles lit. The empty streets of La Candelaria earlier that morning as we drove to catch the ride up the mountain. A green silence when you stand in Galipan looking down the mountain into the Caribbean sea from impossible angles.

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