Calletania (Monte Ávila Editores, 1992)

Calletania was written before the bi-partisan collapse and I feel that the novel has relevance today. Narco-guerrillas, arms traffic, unsubstantial ideologies. In my novel the liberators become fanatics and that is partly what is happening today. The revolutionary is transformed into the reactionary and the ideal of liberation into a totalitarian impulse. The process justifies any action. The Jacobin premise is being repeated: with the process everything, against the process nothing. Our dynamic is in black and white: it seems as though no one wants to look at nuances. That has been the government's language: nuance is treason, counterrevolution. What is dangerous is that a certain element among the opposition uses similar criteria.

{Israel Centeno, interview with El Nacional, 31 March 2001 / El Meollo}

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