Este suelo secreto / Esdras Parra

This Secret Floor

Your song does not cease
you tie it to your neck
so it will go out and return alone
that is why it doesn't lose the breath
that clamps it to earth
walks to the bottom of the sunset
and turns the corner.

And the rain follows you
you can trust her
who dragged the sky with her fists
and placed darkness at your feet
moving her limbs
as if carrying rifles
that rain that tires
at intervals
and loses no ground.

There is calm in your language
it agreeably awaits
its own rigor
its evocative destiny
in the page's natural intimacy
opening roads through dawn
a place fading from view
grown until reaching the presage.

{ Esdras Parra, Este suelo secreto, Monte Ávila Editores Latinoamericana, 1995 }

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