"Well, first I wouldn't call it a game. Hip-hop is an art. As long as people perceive hip-hop as a game, there will be no room for De La Soul. There's this idea that you grow out of hip-hop, but that's not true. What we need to do is to continue to educate people about hip-hop culture and then they'd recognize that it is not a young man's music. Art lasts, art lives on and hip-hop is first and foremost an art."

{ Maseo, of De La Soul, Metro, 29-31 October 2004 }


"It has to do with jazz. This dark symphony brought to birth by brothers, to Hell, to junk. There is a reason for the vocabulary we use. The demon means we use to extend our life on whatever terms we can make. An infinite extension. Hold on, fond wanderer, when you come to this to whatever you are involved in, with every atom of your body, for this is eternity. And cannot be turned away from, at peril of your death. The voice comes out
from the microphone

{ John Wieners, 707 Scott Street, Sun & Moon Press, 1996 }

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