Caracas Notebook (3)

Dark served on rain
Open atrium windows
Discuss your biography
feature film
Your page was shuffled
as the lights begin to glow
across the smaller valley
a language will dissolve
air residency patterns

"Cada vida es una historia," said I.'s abuelo this afternoon at their home in La Trinidad. It's been over 22 years since we last saw them. Their backyard garden now has full guanabana, mango, lemon, grapefruit and orange trees. Across the street from our former house.

Since the city is only static
interference, no song
can transmit clearly
Electronic gates w/
tinted window cars

Air texture

digest or notebook

Will she float up the escalator
pausing to listen the clouds
time rain down the mountain
across avenue traffic?

Paintings at the GAN by decade
"Caucagua" and "La tejedora del tiempo"
from the 1950s, the rain began
tap wildly on the glass atrium
Stood in the crowded corridor


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