Three members of Slint play as Will Oldham's back-up band in the Palace Brothers CD There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You (Drag City, 1993). I assume Dave Pajo was already (or about to be) playing with Tortoise by that time. I didn't like it when I first bought it years ago. Too slow and weird. Which is why the CD sounds so good to me now. Its monotony has grown beautiful to my ears.


I need to get a computer to house my writing. But with what money? Awareness of the fragility of whatever personal archive I build with my books and writing. This screen I write on (you read) seems even more illusory. A stage maintained with borrowed electricity.


Begin the new year with hardly anything to say. Anger the central incentive, even though I wish it were love.


Begin the new year with the five books I'm currently reading. I can never stand still long enough to only read one at a time. Drag out the reading for months with some, move through others in days.

Ernesto Cardenal, La revolución perdida. Memorias 3 (Editorial Trotta, 2004).

Ibsen Martínez, El mono aullador de los manglares (Grijalbo Mondadori, 2000).

Cristina Rivera Garza, La cresta de Ilón (Tusquets Editores, 2002).

John Sutherland, Stephen Spender: A Literary Life (Oxford, 2004).

Jorge Volpi, El fin de la locura (Seix Barral, 2003).

I'll add Bolaño's 2666 to the list, as soon as I procure it.

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