"I stepped out onto the midway..."

I recently found out (thanks to Aaron) that Slint is briefly reuniting and touring this winter.

I bought tickets for the only Boston show they'll be playing (March 20 @ The Roxy). Their shows in their hometown of Louisville,KY and in England, San Francisco and Chicago have already sold out, and I suspect Boston will soon. I've loved their music for more than 12 years and to have this chance to see them live is something I never expected.

The 1990s are obviously long over, but for me Slint's 2 LPs and their final 1994 single stand out as some of the best rock music ever produced in the US. Spiderland has been a template I've imitated or invoked countless times in my writing (for good or ill). A rock & roll masterpiece. I still haven't gotten over the shock of this good news.

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