Los que piensan que les ha llegado la hora / Guillermo Sucre

[Those who think their time is now]

Those who think their time is now
lend themselves to assume a destiny
those who know who always arrive late
against all destiny

those who write to overleap
to not find an exit—is there an exit?

those who live only to put life in words
those who write to put word in life

those who collect everything to feel endurance
those who've contemplated beauty just once
and this already gives them a wealth a desolation

life isn't greedy not even saving itself
you should also know how to risk it
as in love: stronger when un-love feeds it
more vivid when born and extinguished daily

Guillermo Sucre (Venezuela, 1933)

Las ínsulas extrañas: Antología de poesía en lengua española (1950-2000), Barcelona: Galaxia de Gutenberg/Circulo de Lectores, 2002.

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