Oraciones para un dios ausente

For the month of June, I've posted some of my English versions of excerpts from Martha Kornblith's long sequence of poems "Oraciones para un dios ausente" over at Antología.

I've written about Kornblith and posted some of these translations here before. Her first book, Oraciones para un dios ausente (Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 1995), is one I return to frequently. I love Kornblith's ability to balance anger and clarity, in line after wonderful line. A few months ago, I translated this interview with Kornblith by Rafael Arráiz Lucca.

The Grupo Eclepsidra, a collective of young writers in Caracas that Kornblith belonged to, established the excellent publishing venture Grupo Editorial Eclepsidra. In 2002, Thelma Carvallo discussed their tenth anniversary in this article ("Libros reales") in Verbigracia.

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