Usurped the throne, revenge plays' conceit: a greedy

king whose partisans were foreign nationals, neighbors

yet undecided in their allegiance, forsworn to illest

predictions, only recently identified themselves to us

as such, had minor investments in a faltering system

Ambiance sufficient to their prose, then we attacked

their moorings, it figured in the Book of Three Roses

White, Gold, Red, who kept it faded, dire symptoms with

a pause in music for wailing, having lost consecutive

Earliest warnings were enough to change our sinister course

Dialectical lyrics based on newspaper, TV reports

Maybe internet rumors, aiming at a third space for

Confusion in the listener, we can record these in

New Mexico or Massachusetts, some lines must be done

Only with sound, others from a notebook skeleton

CAFTA proceedings, Einstein's voice for the quantum

Commentary, make it a music-less city, suburb signed

Be the outside orbit to point & counterpoint, manage

Their noise: "accumulating, document everything"

I'll take your field recordings of ice crystal songs

Or branches moving at night as a model / wait in books

Record it on the cell phone and transfer to digital

Distort the voice and use only its narrative fragments

An equal engagement with both arguments, the point where

Opposite sides become one, as symbolized by: 8

Start, edit & conclude with undone chapters

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