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From the 3rd until the 7th of October, the XII Semana Internacional de la Poesía is taking place in Caracas, sponsored by the Casa de la Poesía José Antonio Pérez Bonalde. The poet whose work is being honored this year is Alfredo Silva Estrada (Caracas, 1933).

The festival's organizers have announced that this year's edition will be the last one (see El Universal article linked above). At a news conference the director of the Casa de la Poesía, the poet Santos López, said: "...la poesía es liberación, no es revolución sino rebeldía." [Poetry is liberation, it is not revolution but rather rebellion.]

I've translated Silva Estrada's poem "Los moradores" into English at my Antología blog for this month. (This is a first draft I will be adjusting over the next week.)

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