El Libro Negro del chavismo / Jorge Preciado

The Black Book of Chavismo

It's time to produce the Black Book of Chavismo, containing all the traps, deceptions, falsehoods, schemes, attempts committed by Chávez during these six years of governing. This book should be drafted by a Central Committee headed by an intellectual like Simón Alberto Consalvi, and made up of people like Rafael Arráiz Lucca, Eugenio Montejo, etc. Based on all the denunciations made in Venezuela regarding Chavismo. Which means the content will come from the nation. And to immediately organize our representation abroad. To have correspondents like Elizabeth Burgos in Paris, for example, who will permanently update the French government and nation about not only the content of this Black Book but any other "ensuing" information.

What is a Black Book? It's a book where all the denunciations against a despotic government or regime, such as Chávez's, are consigned. Tha last Black Book in Latin America was written by the great Argentine writer Ernesto Sábato and it was a repository that provided evidence of the 30, 000 dead of the Argentine dictatorship, the corrupt judicial system and the system of complicities of the other Argentine institutions with the military dictatorship. And the first one I know of was published in Venezuela in 1952 by José Agustín Catalá, denouncing the crimes of the Pérez Jiménez dictatorship. What would be new about this Black Book is that it would be against a government and a regime that calls itself of "the left" while actually hiding fascism within itself. It is precisely that media operation that must be denounced to the world: how Chávez has been able to disguise the true character of his regime and sell it as something diametrically opposed to its actual nature.

We should do this while we have the best of Venezuelan intellectuals with us: Elías Pino Iturrieta and Manuel Caballero in History, Pedro Luis España in the Social Sciences. And a long etcetera that would cover several pages.

{ Jorge Preciado, TalCual, 14 December 2005 }

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