Hanni Ossott

This month at my Antología blog I have posted a series of 10 English versions of poems by Hanni Ossott (1946-2002). These poems are excerpts from her fourth collection, Cielo, tu arco grande (Caracas: Tierra de Gracia Editores, 1989).

Ossott was born in Caracas and studied at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she later taught in the Escuela de Letras. She translated the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Rainer Maria Rilke into Spanish.

Her husband, the historian Manuel Caballero, published an essay about her earlier this year. In 2003, the Revista Nacional de Cultura published essays on Ossott by Patricia Guzmán, Esdras Parra, Luis Alberto Crespo, Rafael Cadenas and María Fernanda Palacios, among others.

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