Lorenzo García Vega

According to a Miami Herald article from last November ("The bag boy who was a poet, too"), the Cuban poet Lorenzo García Vega (Jagüey Grande, 1926) worked at a Publix supermarket for 10 years until recently. García Vega was the youngest member of the Orígenes group, probably the most important group of poets to write in Cuba during the XX century.

García Vega wrote an excellent essay in El Nuevo Herald ("El que arrojaba uvas ardientes") about his friend Juan Sánchez Peláez after his death in 2003. The fact that he was not offered a teaching position somewhere in the United States at some point reflects poorly on this country.

I've read very little of his work, only the few texts I've been able to find online, which include his hilarious & weird "Aforismos Autistas." The accumulation of texts is necessarily slow and shrouded in semi-secrecy.

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