Ghost Fragments

The opening song to Ghostface Killah's new album, Fishscale (Def Jam), reminds me what I love so much about hip-hop, despite the oceans of trash in that genre today. I wish I could follow Ghostface's lyrics for long enough to copy some of them down, but they won't stand still.

I've always liked Ghostface for his inimitable and proudly weird style, since I first noticed him on Raekwon's masterful Only Built 4 Cuban Linxs (RCA, 1995). These are some lines I managed to catch from "Shakey Dog":

"Throwin' ketchup on my fries
Hittin' baseball spliffs
Pop in the clips, so ready for war
Got to call the Cuban guys
Got the Montana loot in front of the store
Make my usual contact, safety off
C'mon, Frank, the moment is here
Take your fuckin' hood off
And tell the driver to stay put
Fuck them niggas on the block, they shook
Most of whom won't look
They frontin', they no crooks
They fuck up their own jokes
Look out for Jackson 5-O
'Cause they on foot"

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