"Rather Ripped"

The current issue of The Wire has a good cover story on Sonic Youth. They talk about their new album, "Rather Ripped," which comes out on Tuesday. Portions of the interview with them in Paris can be listened to at The Wire's website.


Continuing to read Gregory Corso's massive book of letters, An Accidental Biography (New Directions, 2003), most of which are taken from the 1950s and 60s. The Paris he describes sometimes echoes moments in his novel The American Express. The book ends with a few sobering letters from the 1990s regarding excess and poetry, and his late praise from a hospital bed in 2000 for the prescience of friends:

"If I had known my letters were going to be published I would have endured whatever hubris had befallen me. Ginsberg and Kerouac knew they were writing for posterity—the lucky sons of Angels!"

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