A veces las montañas / Juan Sánchez Peláez

Sometimes the mountains

Sometimes the mountains
will hide
and a horse will appear intact
under countless stars
its shank made of dew,

it is a frozen flame there
and without a rider to guide
its flanks are lanterns,

– breathe, breathe
scare off fear

– walk quietly: limpid lake
on the horizon of the plain,

– it flies and abandons us:
it pauses for leagues and leagues,
turned into an offering of faithful bones and mountain ranges,

and so
it drinks from the humid breast of the entire earth;

the furrow it has
is our navel,
its battle: the air of intense vibrations,

in famine or abundance
we are the long road
and short life,

while a horse
between us and the gleam
reclines its whole body on warm stones.

{ Juan Sánchez Peláez, El Universal, Verbigracia, 28 April 2001 }


Photo: El Universal. Juan Sánchez Peláez, Patricia Guzmán, Enrique Hernández-D'Jesús, Rafael Cadenas, Eugenio Montejo, Librería Monte Ávila, Caracas 2001.

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