"Clover honey pots and mystic shining feed..."

The late painting by Jean Michel Basquiat "Riding with Death" (1988) was included in the show at the Brooklyn Museum last year, at the end of the exhibit. It's a painting that aims to silence the viewer, or at least silence the canvas. The rich brown of the gold he layers around a skeleton. Seeing it in person reminds you of how big the canvas actually is. The painting was hanging next to the equally-imposing diptych "Eroica," whose white layers contrasted against this one's brown-gold.


Listening to Karen Dalton's album In My Own Time (1971).


"Isn't it good to be lost in the wood
Isn't it bad so quiet there, in the wood
Meant even less to me than I thought
With a honey plough of yellow prickly seeds
Clover honey pots and mystic shining feed..."
(Syd Barrett)

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