Re: Revolution

“Who’s the greatest revolutionary in Cuba? Ah, what a question! Whoever answers, Fidel Castro, Trepanation! Trepanation! Whoever supposes the missionary Che, has yet to abandon Christ. The greatest Cuban revolutionary is Lezama Lima. The only radical revolution is pleasure. The reiterated work is to dynamite the base of capitalism. Each time Lezama Lima ate a little plate of food and savored it in his belly, each time he wrote a really weird poem, coupling strangeness, the precept’s lack of discipline, that’s the giant revolution. Revolution can only be individual. (The collective is always authoritarian.) Revolution can only be accomplished through pleasure. Revolution is always an island. What will break this corp-order in two will be a new emotion, an emotion that will interrupt homogeneous contingency, an unknown emotion, abrupt island, insurrectionary passion, your great euphoric fission will come. Clouded sky, naked from the waist up, uncombed, with no obligations. Today the revolution is me.”

(Heriberto Yépez, 05.01.2007)

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