Las triunfales inconsecuencias / Rafael Cadenas

Triumphant Inconsequences

No one here has stumbled onto the final
They live in another world.
They got there led by clowns and gibberish.
They tend to be heard whispering like phantoms
in cabinets.
They never wake up early,
but accuse judges,
correct their grammar,
disdain them. People don’t realize they bleed.
Bleed from everyone’s wounds.
The final consequences peruse
all instances to arrive at the first ones,
but always turn back so they can remain
final and continue being unseen.
They climb all the steps on foot, panting,
day after day, not finding a soul.
Eventually tired of being final they retire
to live joyously clinging to their beloved

{ Rafael Cadenas, El Puente No. 5, December 2006 }

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