Un soneto / Roberto Bolaño

A Sonnet

It was 16 years ago Ted Berrigan published
his Sonnets. Mario carried the book around
the leper colonies of Paris. Now Mario’s
in Mexico and The Sonnets are on
a bookshelf I built with my own
hands. I think I found the wood
near the retirement home in Montealegre
and made the bookshelf with Lola. In
the winter of 78, in Barcelona, when
I still lived with Lola! And it’s already been
16 years since Ted Berrigan published his book
and maybe 17 or 18 since he wrote it
and on certain mornings, certain afternoons,
lost in a neighborhood cinema I try to read it,
when the movie ends and the lights come on.

{ Roberto Bolaño, La Universidad Desconocida, Editorial Anagrama, 2007 }

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