Nidia / Miguel James


I’ve stopped under the bridge
I haven’t been able to continue
The rain’s falling
And I imagine your arrival
You say:
Guapo, this umbrella’s for both of us
Follow me to where the world ends”
So I answer:
“Nidia, I’ve got sixty bolívares in my pocket
We can drink beer, buy cigarettes
Later on doesn’t matter”
And off we go
I tell you, “Let the rain soak our hair
I love you just the same without an umbrella”
And you give me two of your kisses
So I’m not sure if you want me to kiss you deeply
Or if you’ll take off running
Under May showers
Our newborn springtime
Mine and yours
Because you should know
Dad has gone off
And I don’t wanna stay home with mom
I wanna be less alone
I wanna be with you
And the nights are really cold
And all the other girls I know are really mean
And you’re so hippie
And the outline of your tits entertains me
All this rushed through my head under the bridge
While it stopped raining and you didn’t arrive
So I’ve crossed the University
I’ve taken pen and paper from Alis and Roberto
And I’ve gone to a bar
To write this down for you
Thinking I’ll read it to you tonight over the phone.

Nena, quiero ser tu hombre y otras confesiones (1996)

{ Miguel James, Mi novia Ítala come flores y otras novias, Mérida: Ediciones Mucuglifo/CENAL, 2007 }

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