Viaje hacia la noche / César Moro

Journey Toward Night

         It is my ultimate residence, from whence nothing returns
         Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita

Like a mother sustained by fluvial branches
Of fear and inceptive light
Like a skeletal horse
Radiating dusk beams
Behind the dense branching of trees and trees of anguish
The sun-filled path of ocean stars
The gleaming stock
Of data lost in the worthy night of the past
Like an eternal panting if you emerge into the night
As the wind settles wild boars go by
Hyenas sick of pillage
Split lengthwise, the spectacle displays
Bloody visages of lunar eclipse
The body in flames oscillates
Through time
Without changeable space
So the eternal is the unmovable
And all the rocks thrown
To the gales, to the four cardinal points
Return as solitary birds
Devouring lakes of ruined years
Unfathomable spider webs of collapsed and flammable time
Rusty cavities
In the pyramidal silence
Pale blinking splendor
To let me know I still live
Responding through each pore of my body
To the power of your name oh poetry

         Lima, the horrible, 24 of July or August of 1949

{ César Moro, Vida de poeta: Algunas cartas de César Moro, Caracas: Fondo Editorial Pequeña Venecia, 2000 }

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