La amada / José Antonio Ramos Sucre

The Beloved

The beautiful girl holds a vigil and defends my life from within an orbital temple, circular with its seven columns.
     Her imperious voice descends, because of me, to the modulations of song.
     I emerged comforted by her presence, carrying a branch of cedar by her decree.
     I descended a mountainous trail to the ocean shore, where my skiff balanced itself.
     The canticle kept sounding, ascendant and magnificent. It paralyzed nature in its course. It inspired me to save the zone from the squall.
     The sun stood still, for hours on end, peeking over the line of the horizon.

Las formas del fuego (1929)

{ José Antonio Ramos Sucre, Obra completa, Caracas: Biblioteca Ayacucho, 1989 }

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