La mañana alza el río... / Emilo Adolfo Westphalen

Morning lifts the river...

Morning lifts the river hair
Afterward fog night
The sky the eyes
The eyes the sky watch me
To awaken without vertebrae without structure
The skin is in its eternity
It softens until it loses itself in memory
It existed it didn’t exist
On the path of the eyes on the path of the sky
How sweetly the summer cries in your mouth
It rains ecstasy beatitude
The sea brings its love closer
Fear the rose the foot the skin
The sea pulls back its love
The sea
So many boats
The waves say love
The fog again another boat
The oars love doesn’t move
It knows how to close its eyes sleep the air not the eyes
The wave reaches the eyes
They sleep beside the river hair
Without the threat of shipwreck in the eyes
Calm lateness the sky
O the eyes
Fire fire fire fire fire
In the sky sky fire sky
How silence rolls
But over the sky fire love silence
What torment bathes the forehead silence
Behind absence you watched fireless
It is absence night
But the eyes fire
Caress summer the eyes the mouth
Fire is born in the eyes
Love is born in the eyes the sky fire
Fire love silence

{ Emilio Adolfo Westphalen | Peru, 1911-2001 }

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