Pasadizo / Luis Enrique Belmonte


The owls arrived.
In the blackest part of night,
when only bodies
hardly illuminate.


It was a macabre song
like the chipped tooth in the sink,
like the handcuffed man stumbling,
like the shoe in the ditch.


But the bodies kept
lighting the transit.
Bodies entwined,
bodies dreaming,
bodies with a hummingbird inside.


               A light
in the passageway wandered
by the living who got lost
chasing a strange aroma
and the dead who return
for a piece of bread.


The passageway,

the scream of the rooster,

the day’s sting,

the gleam of the new world
in your eyes that open.

Vendrá otra larga travesía (2006)

{ Luis Enrique Belmonte, Pasadizo. Poesía reunida 1994-2006, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 2009 }

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richard lopez said...

this is a knockout