Es Martes / Martha Kornblith

It is Tuesday

It is Tuesday
I read Kristeva
(“melancholia is sterile
if it does not become a poem”)
It is Tuesday
and a month ago
my left hand
burned in living flesh.
I met a doctor
whom I loved madly.
That man washed
my blood
that man cleaned
my burned skin
with indulgence.
That man met
my weeping
but that weeping
was not a weeping
that came from within
it was a different
an outside weeping.
It is Tuesday
I read Kristeva:
(“I inhabit the secret
crypt of a wordless
To him I dedicate
“Love can surge from
pain, the deepest

It is Tuesday
and I read Kristeva:
“Melancholia is
a perversion,
it is up to us
to guide it into
words and life”

{ Martha Kornblith, Sesión de endodoncia, Caracas: Grupo Editorial Eclepsidra, 1997 }

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