Westphalen / César Moro


Like a watering hole for indelible beasts
Split by the lightning overflowing the water
Reflects the migration of earth birds
In the night of the salubrious earth

A front door closed over a barren field
Refuge of clandestine love
An equality of stone that closes under
The drop of water that rises from the earth

Over hundreds of decapitated heads
A naked woman like a lamp

Makes the eyes of the dead shine
Like fish of trails of argentiferous little fibers
Gold and steel know their destiny
Of rotten earth the pullulating jungle
Accompanies him and pours over the shoulders
Of ghosts familiar arborescent mantles
Cascades of blood and myriads of noses

                                                            10 of January of 1938

{ César Moro, La tortuga ecuestre y otros textos, ed. Julio Ortega, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 1976 }

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