Reconocimiento / Rafael Cadenas


     I see myself facing this landscape that looks like the one I protect.
     I’m not the same anymore. I should understand it once and for all. I will fit into my mold.

     I have stalked the sudden acceptance of my reality.
     I said goodbye to the poetry that hangs from our arms.
     I set fire to fallacious testimonies.
     I adopted the direct form.

     A convergence prospers in me.

     I abandon my intricate walking. I dilate myself in white vastness. I serve a single king in silence.

     With the bones of a bird I break into the closed spaces.

     I have felt the gusts of another guiltless region.

     I make myself with slowness, with the conscious gesture, with the rumor of the desert.

Falsas maniobras (1966)

{ Rafael Cadenas, Antología, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 1996 }

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