Esquema para una cajita con mordida / Lorenzo García Vega

Outline for A Little Box with Bite

The old man of the infallible sayings, an aficionado of narration, would rest in a majestic chair of primitive art.
José Antonio Ramos Sucre

1. Close to dying, the character could be a noble and wise Ramossucrean old man.
2. With a venerable, sacred scene. Ancient roof atop the immemorial house. From the ancient roof would hang thick cobwebs. This, while the old man, answering questions of a hidden symbol.
3. Old man, wolf, sacred family. Topics that cross the moribund man’s mind. They cross until...
4. This is where I’d like to build the little box (the Poem). A scene where, in a plastic manner, a type of night would be elaborated.
5. An absolutely leaden night.
6. But (pictorially speaking) small panels would run out. But I confess I’m facing an enormous difficulty.
7. Because what I intend is to make a bite plastic. To hermetically visualize warning. But until now, unfortunately, I’m not sure of what can be reached by counting. Only, with this noble wise Ramossucrean old man who, quite unfortunately, can sometimes end up looking too much like that Emperor of Mongo in episodes of Flash Gordon.
8. To count the lamentable centimeters in the little box (In the Poem).

Translator’s note: Lorenzo García Vega was born in Jagüey Grande, Cuba in 1926. He belonged to the Orígenes group of writers in Havana led by José Lezama Lima. He left Cuba in the late sixties, lived in Caracas, Madrid, New York and eventually settled in Miami. His work is included in The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry, ed. Mark Weiss (University of California Press, 2009). He died in Miami on June 1st, 2012.

{ Lorenzo García Vega, Palíndromo en otra cerradura, Homenaje a Duchamp, Caracas: Fondo Editorial Pequeña Venecia, 1999 }

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