Horario / Miyó Vestrini


What’d you do today?
          I read the newspaper and didn’t recognize any friends.
          I defrosted the freezer so the beer would
          cool better.
          I gave myself a bubble bath.
          I dried my hair.
It doesn’t seem like you did that much.
          I do many things and no one notices.
          I can see myself at the bottom of the pots and pans
          and on the kitchen floor.
But you didn’t go out. You promised you would.
          I was at the bus stop.
          I raised my hand and no one stopped.
You didn’t even read the book I bought you.
          I didn’t have time.
You never have time.
          Neither do you. And I don’t bug you by asking
          what’d you do today?
I can just imagine how the hours pass in this house.
          They pass,
          believe me,
          the pass.

Valiente ciudadano (1994)

{ Miyó Vestrini, Todos los poemas, Caracas: Monte Ávila Editores, 1994 }


richard lopez said...

another great piece, guillermo. thanks for the information on vestrini. her work needs to be translated and published in english so monoglots like me can fall in love with her poems.

Guillermo Parra said...

She tends to have very passionate readers, I think many of us quickly connect with her powerful poems when we encounter them. Very glad you're enjoying them, my friend. I'll be translating her all next week.