Comienzo / Víctor Valera Mora


The class struggle. The great monopoly imperialists.
The cursed stumps of the generation of 28
who have inflicted so much harm upon us.
The policeman in the park, the lovers exist
in the possibility of initiating terrorism.
The memory coming from the plains, horse
crying recommenced blood. Sad matter.
This issue of carrying a guitar under your arm.
The freedom to doubly die of hunger.
Achilles the shield bearer of tenderness
has lately hurt himself so hard in the soul.
This forces us to speak
the most terrible of languages.
To make of poetry an angry rifle, implacable
until it becomes beautiful.
There is no other alternative,
the collapse of a popular fighter
is more painful than the collapse
of all the images.
When the people take power, we’ll see what to do,
meanwhile let’s keep doing our thing.

Canción del soldado justo (1961)

{ Víctor Valera Mora, Obras completas, Caracas: Fondo Editorial Fundarte, 1994 }

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