La parvulista / José Antonio Ramos Sucre

The Nursery Teacher

     The children who died before baptism greet the apparition of the moon, the infernal numen of three visages, and they are the restless and malignant spirits. They return to being, when the day is born, mushrooms, parasols of the devil.

     A witch disciplines them cruelly and guards them against the ceremonies and the symbols of Christianity.

     The novice of chaste profile wants to save the host of unhappy children and leaves the convent, armed with resolution. The Virgin Mary has consented to fill her absence, dressing as her, according to how it is told at each step in the Middle Ages.

     The novice reprimands the perfidious witch and prohibits her from relinquishing her figure like an owl, messenger of sterility.

     She drags the crowd of innocents with her and reconciles them with the faith of Christ. They never incurred in mischief nor gave further news of their existence after they were trained to sing the praises of Mary.

El cielo de esmalte (1929)

{ José Antonio Ramos Sucre, Obra completa, Caracas: Biblioteca Ayacucho, 1989 }

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