Lugar Común presenta La tarea del testigo

Lugar Común Presents La tarea del testigo

The novel La tarea del testigo, by the Venezuelan writer Rubi Guerra, published by the imprint Lugar Común, will be presented at the new Lugar Común Bookstore, in Altamira, Caracas, tomorrow at 7:00 PM. The presentation will be given by the writer Michaelle Ascencio.

This novel won the Rufino Blanco Fombona Prize in 2006 and was published in a second edition by Lugar Común last year. It is a work that narrates the final days of the poet from Cumaná José Antonio Ramos Sucre, transfigured into a fictional character that transcends his biographical and literary transit and installs himself in the consciousness of contemporary history.

His final days in Switzerland, the anguish of insomnia, the nostalgia for his native land, the sickly introversion, his passing through European sanatoriums and his final agony are narrated with a language whose concision, luminosity and subtlety serve as a serene channel for a tormented creative existence.

Framed by an oneiric climate, at times nightmarish, of evocations and persecutions, La tarea del testigo is an impeccable recreation of one of the greatest prodigies of Venezuelan poetry, José Antonio Ramos Sucre.

Rubi Guerra (San Tomé, 1958) has worked as a journalist, published short stories and novels and has been a cultural promoter in the fields of film and literature in the Oriente region of the country, where he was the founder of the Sala de Arte y Ensayo Ocho y Medio. He has also been a literary consultant for the Casa Ramos Sucre in Cumaná.

{ Tal Cual, 23 January 2013 }

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