Arte de anochecer / José Barroeta

Art of Dusk

There is an art of dusk.
Of the body’s entry to the soul,
of fog to roundness
and the circle to the sky;
there is an art of light,
a field where dusk
is watching life
with the closed body.
There is an art of dusk,
a descent at the day’s entrance
into complete darkness.
An intermedium where you have to
receive and know everything without shuddering.
There is an art,
a landscape sometimes amiable,
sometimes grim,
where ascent and descent are accessories
of clean matter.
There is an art of dusk.
Whoever has lived or dreamed with forests,
lights and demons,
knows it.

Arte de anochecer (1975)

{ José Barroeta, Todos han muerto: Poesía completa (1971-2006), Barcelona: Editorial Candaya, 2006 }

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