Inreflexiones / Guillermo Sucre



flections of the word: they make of one many objects
without touching or wasting them: they don’t feel them

flections of the body: the writing of the universe
an object that is not a sensation
a memory that is not a recollection
to drain meaning
language: hourglass
the rest is corrupted: what is full
of meaning of power
words that are not ours that we don’t possess
suddenly as we speak them they already possess us

the world is a diction we are not given
to pause to pattern with anything but the body

Words have to continue being what they are
what they have always ceased to be
there are not two languages: the same word that speaks
is the same one that keeps quiet
but there are two silences: the same word that keeps quiet
is not the same one that speaks
each word displaces another one we are never able
to say.

{ Guillermo Sucre, La vastedad, Ciudad de México: Editorial Vuelta, 1988 }

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