Las paces / Rafael Cadenas


Let’s make an agreement, poem.
I won’t force you to say what you don’t want to
and you won’t resist my desires so much.
We’ve struggled for a while now.
Why this effort to make yourself in my image
when you know things I don’t even suspect?
Get rid of me already.
Save yourself before it’s too late.
Well, you always pass me by,
you know how to speak what moves you
and I don’t,
because you’re more than yourself,
and I’m just the one trying
to recognize himself in you.
I’ve got the extent of my desire
and you have none at all,
you advance to wherever you’re going
without looking at the hand you move
that thinks it possesses you when it feels you spring from it
like a substance erecting itself.
Impose your course on the one writing, he
only knows how to hide,
cover the novelty, grow impoverished.
He’s displaying a tired

take me away from you.

{ Rafael Cadenas, Sobre abierto, Valencia, España: Editorial Pre-Textos, 2012 }

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