Pianola por el mediodía / Lorenzo García Vega

Midday Pianola

In an abyss? What could there be in an abyss? Pieces? The paper star that adorns a box of cookies doesn’t have to look like that impoverished place, called Pereira, where my grandfather slept.

And yet, I would guard, during the daytime sleep of this midday, the sinister child —his hallucinating eyes— who threatens with the stick he holds in his hands (is there a zero?).

But how can the paper star on the box of cookies look like the place that was called Pereira? Is there a hallucination going on?

And yet, there’s no doubt the place of the paper star on the cookie box is the same place —a place of earth— that was called Pereira. The place where my grandfather slept.

Meanwhile, in a uterus? The child, no doubt, could keep threatening with the stick.

Could it be I’m about to get a cold?

And the eyes mark an Egyptian face (but what eyes am I talking about?), while maybe we’re at the edge of the sinister.

In other words, to put it simply: it might be that with the pianola of this midday today, the paper star on the box of cookies is driving us toward a little box where it wouldn’t be strange at all to find an abyss. One doesn’t understand anything, but these things do happen.

{ Lorenzo García Vega, Erogando trizas donde gotas de lo vario pinto, Madrid: Ediciones La Palma, 2011 }

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