Cinco poemas del lugar / Antonio Trujillo

Five Poems from the Place

When she comes
everything smells like earth

she announces herself
with a riled lightning bolt

we shut doors
and want the flame

when she comes

the cliff sings

then the grass grows.

She comes naked     rising

damp trees
cling to her skin of sky

she doesn’t talk

flies and moans
such an old dream

in loose leaves

lives saying goodbye.

A few birds
cross the fog

without song

lean on branches
their capacity to forget

return to flight
always without talking.

Then the night plunges you

stubborn spiral

the river returns in full humidity
and the houses were gone
just beyond the leaves

where no one
moves the trees.

This yellow
of so many irises

brings back
a certain time

where roosters
climbed their song

and their hard crests
we already flowering.

{ Antonio Trujillo, De cuando vivían los pájaros y otros poemas, Los Teques, Venezuela: Ateneo de Los Teques, 1994 }

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